Try this ridiculously simple step for a happier doctor visit

‘I’ll go! I’ll have my needles first! I want the first one in my left arm!” That was my daughter when she had some needles at four years old. Most kids don’t react that way. By that age, they have already worked out that needles are scary, they hurt, and […]

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Helping a child overcome their fear of needles

Dear Brooke,
Our daughter is saying she won’t go for her next vaccinations (3 ½ years old). She is strong willed and persuasion isn’t, so far, getting me anywhere. She isn’t going into her reasons. I’d be very interested in any tips you have on what to do, please.
From Bess.

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Stop pinning kids down: the case against restraint for medical procedures

It is easy to forget about or ignore the unseen psychological damage we can cause a child when we are caring for their physical health, but once you have seen the result of the damage, it’s hard to forget. Something that seems so small to an adult, can be traumatic for a child…

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Don’t thank the nurse!

Jack (4 years old) needed an injection. He was scared. I explained to him the different places on his body that the injection could go so that he could choose. He chose his arm. Despite being given a choice about the location, he remained nervous. I noticed a tear trickle down his face…

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Good Nurses Let them Cry

I see this video doing the rounds on Facebook every few months and it concerns me when I see so many people delighting in the Doctor’s tactics. I know it’s a wonderful feeling to avoid tears. I know how hard it is to witness a child crying especially when you have caused the hurt. But it doesn’t make it ok to disrespect a child by throwing tissues in their face…

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